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How much do Dental Crowns cost in Melbourne?

When decay occurs in a tooth and the resulting cavity has become too large, a dental crown may need to be placed. A dental crown can strengthen the tooth to alleviate pain and improve eating habits. A crown can also be used to correct the bite if damage to the tooth has caused the teeth to become misaligned. Crowns improve the appearance of damaged teeth which can appear discolored or have obvious decay.

When a tooth has had a root canal procedure performed on it, the tooth is weakened. A dental crown can restore strength to the tooth after a root canal. The majority of teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure will need to have a dental crown placed.

When large fillings have been placed in a tooth, over time, the tooth may fracture due to stress from chewing. When fractures occur within the tooth structure, a dental crown will need to be placed to help preserve the tooth and strengthen it.

In extreme cases, grinding of the teeth can wear away the enamel. When this occurs, the teeth become soft. In order to prevent the teeth from decay, crowns may be placed over them.

What Happens if You Do Not have a Crown Placed?

When patients choose not to have a crown placed, there can be permanent damage done not only to the tooth but the surrounding areas. Decay that is left to its own devices will eat away and will eventually affect the nerve that is housed inside the root of the tooth. This can cause extreme pain and infections. When the nerve is affected, a root canal will be necessary in order to save the tooth. If the damage is too extensive, the entire tooth may need to be removed.

Decay present in one tooth can eventually spread to the surrounding teeth. When this happens, multiple teeth will need dental work or need to be removed if the damage is too severe.

When a tooth has extensive decay or damage, infections can occur. Infections can cause tissue and jaw bone damage. Infections can even spread to other parts of the face and cause serious consequences if left untreated.

Although affordability is always a factor, dental crown costs are typically less before more extreme damage has occurred. Your dental health is important for your overall well being and the Metrodent Dental Plan can help you receive the care you need.

Dental Crown Cost

The cost of a dental crown depends on the materials used; the size, location and condition of the tooth; complexity of the work; and the dentist's training and experience. The average cost of a dental crown in Melbourne without insurance varies from $900-$2500. This fee does not include any additional procedures that may be required, like a root canal, crown lengthening or a core build up or foundation of the crown or any extensive fillings.

Different Materials a Dental Crown is made of that affect the Cost

  • Gold crowns
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Zirconia crowns
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns
  • eMax crowns
  • BruxZir crowns
  • A gold dental crown costs more, but it lasts a lifetime. Although a gold crown is more visible, its a strong material, which can withstand biting down heavily on your back teeth. At the same time, gold is softer than your tooth enamel so it wont harm your opposing teeth.

    All-porcelain crowns are a good choice for front teeth and any other tooth where an exquisite cosmetic result is a primary concern.

    Zirconia crowns are a good choice for any full crown restoration where a beautiful cosmetic result is desired, but extra strength and durability is preferred.

    Porcelain Fused to Metal. The major advantage of PFM crown is its metal substructure that provides adequate strength. Cosmetic imperfection is compensated by their strength and durability achieved due to a metal component.

    eMax and BruxZir Crowns

    These brand-name crowns offer different alternatives to traditional teeth crowns. eMax crowns are made of a special kind of ceramic called lithium disilicate thats much more durable than normal ceramic crowns. The dental crown cost is a bit more for these crowns, but they also last longer than other ceramic crowns.

    BruxZir crowns are made from solid zirconia. Theyre stronger than traditional zirconia crowns and provide all of the advantages of zirconia with none of the disadvantages. They feature a smoother surface and are chip-resistant.

    All Ceramic Crowns

    For teeth right in the front of your mouth, you might want to consider having an all-ceramic crown. The appeal of an all-ceramic crown is that it will provide you with the very highest aesthetic results. With an all-ceramic crown, light can pass right through the crown and into your tooth, creating a highly translucent effect that is very similar to natural teeth. Over the past few years the ceramics used to make these crowns have evolved considerably and are now incredibly strong. To put this into perspective, you can even have an all-ceramic bridge to replace an entire arch of upper or lower teeth in your mouth so there is no need to worry your ceramic crown will fail.

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